Monday, June 25, 2007

Step back in time at old gas station and cafe

Crossett's Red Horse Drive-In is a half mile and 70 years off I-90 in Ellensburg, Washington. The best part of the place is the restored 1930’s era gas station, which is as spit-shined polished as an army officer’s dress boots.

It’s equal part business and labor of love for owner Bruce Crossett. From I-90, a motorist can easily find the place by exiting the interstate at exit 106. Two minutes later they’re there. Trouble is, not a whole lot of people know about it except locals, and even they don’t know a lot about it. “The Ellensburg newspaper has never even done a story,” said Crossett, who earns his main paycheck from the used car lot next door and plows back profits into his gas station/cafe.

The cafe offers yummy burgers and other roadside fare. I opted for a Rumble Seat -- the $4.95 basic burger. I’d give it four stars out of five -- excellent but not the ultimate. If I were hungrier I may have gone for the “Dead Man’s Curve” for two dollars more. Milk shakes are $3, a bargain these days.

If you want to learn more about the Red Horse Drive-In, call Bruce at 509-925-1764. Or stop by: Ellensburg is on the eastern edge of the Cascade mountains about 100 miles east of Seattle.

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