Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Been there" decal U.S. maps -- RVer philosophy

Driving through the campground, keep your eyes open. It's donuts to dollars that you'll be sure to spot at least one rig with one of those U.S. map with the "stick on decals" stuck to the side of the unit. These things do raise the occasional campfire discussion – on two points. Truth and resale.

public domain image on wikipedia.org
In the neighborhood of the truth – just what constitutes a valid time to put your decal on the map? Do you have to travel with your RV into that state to count the coup? If you just went there sometime – even without the rig – can you still stick the sticker? One RVer observed, "If you were in the state long enough to hit the bathroom, you left your mark, so go ahead and stick!"

There are those who take a dim view of the "quick stop and stick it" philosophy. They figure that you'd better at least have driven around in the state a bit, seen some of the more memorable sites, and then, sure, put on the sticker. We'll leave all this to your discretion.

What about resale? If you put one of these gizmos on the side of your motorhome, you'll watch the resale value shoot downhill. At least that's the reckoning of one RV professional. The way he figures it, "personalizing" your RV just tends to diminish its value in the eyes of potential buyers. If that's true, and yet you still want bragging rights, what can you do? One fellow suggests putting the sticky map up in an obliging window. That way, when you're ready to sell the RV, you can take after the map with a razor blade scraper and eradicate the thing.

This of course, all leads to truth and resale. Say you bought a motorhome that some other traveler had installed one of these memorable states maps in. Is it truthful to leave the thing up, leaving others with the impression that you been places that Willy Nelson only dreamed of going to?

Well, that's all the philosophy we have time for today. By the way, if you really WANT one of those "I been there," or "My rig's been there," or "I wanta go there" whathaveyou state sticky maps, here's a neat one that let's you fill in the state with a license plate image.


  1. We put our Map and travel decals onto plastic magnetic sheeting.Easy on Easy off, When not using the RV we store them inside when to prevent sun fading and marks on the RV.

  2. My folks travelled in a Wilderness 5th wheel for years and collected refrigerator magnets from the states and provinces they visited. When they stopped travelling and sold their rv the magnets and memories went into their new home.

  3. Ours is on the inside of the frosted door glass, where being translucent, it doesn't block much light, doesn't fade in the sun, and doesn't brag to others when our door is closed. When we want it gone, a razor will do it easily. That said, we've customized the hell out of our RV, so the effect of stickers on resale is our last concern compared to significant wiring changes!

    Our map rule: we must intentionally camp/sleep in the RV in that state to add a sticker. Purely pragmatic rest stops and Wal-Marts while transiting don't count; visiting friends/relatives overnight does.